Become a permanent residence of Canada through any of the following programs:



1. Federal Skilled Workers and Professionals – settle and work in Canada

2. Federal Skilled Trades – Live in Canada as a Skilled Trader

3. Investors, entrepreneurs and self-employed – start your business in Canada

4. Provincial Nominee – in any of the provinces in canada

5. Business and Investors Class

6. Canada Experienced Class

Get a PR Card. Start your life in Canada. Enjoy Sundry Support Services



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Selection Factor

All application for skilled work or trade is processed according to the six point grid, which are:

Your Education

Your ability in English and /or French, Canada’s two official languages

Your work experience

Your age

Arranged employment in Canada

Your adaptability

The test is to guide you on what information best suits your qualification, experience and background information

A citizenship and immigration Canada (CIC) officer will make a decision about your application based on the information you provided

Final decision on all visa applications are font 6 made by the appropriate authorities on Canada immigration